In a data projects, such as building a data warehouse or big data platform, collaboration between business, IT and data professionals is a must.

That’s where Ellie kicks in.

Ellie is a collaboration platform for data and AI projects – a shared understanding of business and data.

Ellie is entirely cloud-based with no installations required. It takes only 5 minutes to get started.

Business and logical data model – Understand your data and lead projects

Create a graphic model of your business concepts and how they’re related to each other. Lead your data projects with simple visualization of your business data map and select right business variables for machine learning. Becoming a data driven company is only a few clicks away.

Business glossary – Shared understanding of business concepts

Define your data taxonomy in a business glossary. Unify your business terminology and name your data assets accordingly. Manage your data responsibilities, data sources and metadata. Our simplified UI helps you to get started in no time.

Collaboration – Get your team hooked

Share you business data models and business glossary with others via user administration features. Keep you data models updated and accessible to all relevant users within your organization – all in one cloud.

Our philosophy

Why do data projects fail? It’s because business representatives and IT don’t understand each other that well. Business people lack data understanding and, in turn, data people aren’t always business savvy.

Based on experience of hundreds of data projects, we believe conceptual data modelling (or business data modelling) is the single most efficient method to improve collaboration between business, IT and data professionals.

Conceptual data modelling refers to a method that defines business requirements for data projects.

It’s all in graphic form and consists of:

– Definitions of business concepts (entities) and rules

– How the business concepts relate to one another (relations)

– Other relevant information of the business data

We also believe, that conceptual modelling is the foundation of any data initiative, such as AI development. It simply helps all relevant parties to better understand their data assets.

Ellie, conceptual modeling re-invented to match the needs of digital age leaders.

Ellie is designed to make conceptual modelling easier and more business friendly than ever before.

What is Ellie for?

Building a data warehouse or a big data platform:

When building a data warehouse, IT needs requirements from business in order to deliver reporting and analytics system that is independent from source systems.

Data Science and AI:

Even the most skilled data scientist or AI developer is not an expert of all business domains. Ellie helps data scientist to understand business data and to build accurate machine learning model for a particular line of business.

Building an operational database

Along with process modeling and use-case specifications, conceptual modeling is an essential part in defining requirements for any database design.

Data governance and MDM

An average enterprise has hundreds of different IT systems for storing their data. Ellie helps business and IT to navigate within the number of separate databases and coordinate efforts.


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